March 9, 2019

Programmer, podcaster, fisherman, and nerd extraordinaire. By day I’m an engineer, and by night I’m a nerd, or is that redundant?

At my day job I am a manager and engineer working for Hulu in Boise, Idaho.

Professionally, my experience is all over the place. I’ve worked in old small companies, startups, Dell backed consultancies, and finance. In the mean time I’ve written code in Java, C#, Ruby, Javascript, Clojure, Python, and even Common Lisp! And that’s only counting the languages that I’ve been paid to write in.

Outside of work my wife and I enjoy getting out in to nature as much as possible. You are as likely to find us hiking or fishing the Sierra Nevadas as you are to find us laying out on a beautiful SoCal beach. We are also a large fan of the fantastic wine and seafood that coastal living has to offer.