Moving to Denver

October 25, 2013

You know those hilarious “pranks” where someone posts something embarrassing someone else’s Facebook account? Apparently in the improv community of Chicago the standard prank is to post something saying that they’ve accepted a lead role, and that they’re moving to Denver, Colorado. We found this out when some improv actors at our going away party took some convincing that we were actually moving, and that it wasn’t an elaborate prank.

The main difference for us is that I’ve not decided to give up software engineering for comedy. Instead I’ve accepted a role as an engineer at Pivotal Tracker , which I personally think is a better deal. Pivotal is a great company with a unique and productive style, and I’m thrilled to be working with them.

While there’ll always be a special place in my heart for Chicago, I’m rather glad we’ve made the move. It was stressful and very expensive, but living in Colorado has already been a very pleasant experience. The weather is shockingly nice, apartments are a nicer for the price, and I can safely walk to work.

Expect photos from the mountains and trails above Denver in the coming months.

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