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Services Offered


Have an idea that you want made real? Don’t know a database from a programming language? We understand that you just want your idea up and running as soon as possible without getting stuck in the technical weeds. Let us take care of the technical problems, and let you focus on your business.

At Hawkwood Group we offer a variety of services to take your idea live. We can create anything from the simple pages to showcase your work all the way up to rich single page applications with complicated user interfaces. We have the expertise to craft every single part of your next project specifically for you, and even host it if you wish.


Have an existing website that’s not up to snuff? Are you cringing internally when you direct customers to your site? Customers complaining about slow load times?

Did you know that website speed affects both how high Google ranks your website, as well as the conversion rate for customers? Many business owners fear the cost and time of a complete rewrite, but often there are simple steps that we can take to drastically improve your website’s performance. Let us take a look at your website and tell you what simple steps we can take to dramatically improve how quickly it loads.

Have a new design in mind or on paper, but lost in a sea of CSS and HTML? We have extensive experience reworking existing websites with new designs. We can easily make your website look brand new, without changing the admin pages that you’ve become comfortable with.


Are you paying an arm and a leg for slow hosting that goes down consistently? We can take your existing application and run it on the same hardware that powers Fortune 500 companies, possibly for less money than you’re paying now. Why shouldn’t your business have a reliable website?


If you’re ready to stop worrying about the tech and get back to your business, then we’re ready to help you out.