Ashton Kemerling


About Me

Hi! I’m Ashton. I’m a polyglot programmer based out of Southern California. I work for Edmunds.

While I’ve worked in a lot of OOP languages, I’m really a functional programmer at heart. I have professional experience in Common Lisp, Clojure, Javascript, and Java. My hobby projects tend to be written in Haskell and Ruby.

On the side I work on a few open source projects, including Butler, my Emacs plugin for Jenkins and friends. This project was started after a short stint using Eclipse, which made me realize how much I needed CI information brought directly to me in my editor. Butler works by using Jenkins JSON API to check on the status of jobs, view progress, and trigger new ones.

Outside of programming I’m a bicyclist and fly fisherman. I take an interest in all things historical and mechanical. I am currently writing a podcast to cover all the things that I know.

My wife introduced me into hiking and camping. She is also a writer and a comedian. We have two cats, Abe and Woz, who are brothers and co-conspirators in all our household mischief.